Point of Sale

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir Tampilan Modern dan Menarik

Modern and Concise Design

KAWN has a modern and concise design to provide better user experience.


KAWN optimizes the user experience so that user feel comfortable operating KAWN system

Dashboard and Report

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir On  line Dashboard dan Laporan

Multi-outlet Management

Manage each individual outlet with KAWN multi-outlet management feature; suitable for managing multi-branch businesses.

Comprehensive Sales Report

Reports in KAWN is designed comprehensively with data that is easily interpreted as an evaluation of performance and insight that is useful for business development.

Promo Display

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir Online Tampilan Promo

Optimal Promo Display

Create and optimize ongoing promotion by enabling it on KAWN backoffice.

Payment Receipt

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir Online Resi Pembayaran

Payment Receipt for Your Business

With KAWN, you can customize payment receipt settings to suit your business needs

Special Order Request

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir Online Permintaan Khusus

Add-ons and Modifier Features

KAWN ensures that special orders from each customer are delivered precisely

Table Management

KAWN Aplikasi Kasir Online Manajemen Meja

Simple Table Management Feature

The solution for mistake-free service with table management feature from KAWN. Makes it easier to give a more personal touch for your service.

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